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First Season of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting is on YouTube

The first season of The Joy of Painting starring Bob Ross is available on YouTube. The entertaining series ran for 31 seasons on PBS from 1983 to 1994. Ross used a wet-on-wet oil painting technique. He is known for some of commentary about his paintings such as when he was adding "happy little trees" to one of his landscape paintings. Read more... November 1, 2015

Jennifer Garner to Launch Children's Craft Line at Jo-Ann

Jennifer Garner is collaborating with Jo-Ann for a new children's craft line. The collection is called We Made It. It is for kids ages 4 to 11. Read more... June 1, 2015

Amazon Reportedly Inviting Etsy Sellers to Upcoming Handmade Marketplace

Amazon is going to be launching a marketplace called Handmade in the near future. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has sent an invite to Etsy sellers about an upcoming marketplace for handcrafted-goods. Read more... May 24, 2015

ShurTech Brands Launches Fifth Annual FrogTape Earn Your Stripes Contest

ShurTech brands has opened its fifth annual FrogTape Earn Your Stripes contest to entries. This year the contest seeks painting projects using FrogTape, the company's brand of painter's tape. The contest will have a grand prize of $5,000. Read more... April 13, 2015

Jewelry Television Seeks Jewelry Designers for National Competition

Jewelry Television (JTV) is seeking jewelry designers for its national competition. The competition is called JTV’s Rock Star Designer Contest. It is open to the public for entries from now through April 30, 2015. Read more... March 30, 2015

Darice Partners With I Spy DIY's Jenni Radosevich

Darice has partnered with I Spy DIY's Jenni Radosevich for a line of products coming out in 2016. Darice says the do-it-yourself products will feature customizable pieces. Read more... March 14, 2015

Michaels Partners With Creativebug for Online Arts and Crafts Classes

Michaels has partnered with Creativebug for online arts and crafts classes. Michaels says there are classes for both beginners and enthusiast crafters with more advanced skills. Read more... March 6, 2015

Artists Decorate Refrigerators for the Darwin Fridge Festival

An unusual festival held in Australia celebrates the refrigerator. It is called the Darwin Fridge Festival. The refrigerators at the festival are not your ordinary white fridges. They are highly decorative. People are invited to participate in the event by painting, decorating and even sculpting fridges. The event was created by Darwin Community Arts in 2010. Read more... December 7, 2014

How to Draw Olaf From Disney's Frozen

This video shows you how to draw Olaf from Disney's hit movie, Frozen. Character artist Brian James Fichtner provides the step-by-step lesson in this video from Disney Parks. Fichtner says Olaf's head is shaped somewhat like Piglet's head. Olaf has one big mouth and oval eyes with circular pupils. His eyebrows are triangular wedges. Olaf has four strands of hair (twigs). Read more... May 17, 2014

Michaels Launches Online Store Featuring Project Ideas

Michaels has launched its online store which features project ideas and one-click shopping lists. The ecommerce crafts site can be found at Read more... May 12, 2014

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